From the Founder

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection was first established in 2007 as the only museum in the world to exhibit exclusively the artworks of Keith Haring—a forerunner of American contemporary art who lived the upheaval of 1980’s New York City. With your support and generosity, this year we celebrate our ten-year anniversary.

Through the rhythmic and jubilant lines that shape Haring’s drawings, the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection presents exhibitions to address the tragedies and tribulations often found in society, which include war, violence, and social injustices. We believe that Haring’s art embodies the importance and preciousness of life, containing strong themes of peace, freedom, hopes, and dreams of humanity. These works continue to resonate, transcending time, while exposing the issues in society to this day.

After reaching our 10 year milestone, the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection continues to operate as more than just a museum, but as an institution that celebrates communication, interaction, and education through art and cultural experience.

We would like to thank those who have understood and supported us throughout this exciting and rewarding decade. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kazuo Nakamura

Nakamura Keith Haring Collection Director

  • 1946 Born in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan.
  • 1969 Graduates from School and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University.
    Begins working for Sankyo Co., Ltd. (now Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.)
    After working as a project leader at Sankyo for the development of the blockbuster drug, Mevalotin, which helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol level, he begins working independently.
  • 1992 Becomes a CEO at CMIC (now CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.) and starts Japan’s first CRO (Contract Research Organization).
  • 2007 Establishes Nakamura Keith Haring Collection.
  • The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection opens
    Exhibits KEYFOREST 871228 The World of Keith Haring Journey from Chaos to Belief in Dreams
    Receives the Architectural Culture Award of Yamanashi Prefecture
    Joins a poetry reading event, Think about AIDS, hosted by Tokyo FM
  • Exhibits The 50th Anniversary of the birth of Keith Haring—It is art as I know it. It is life as I know it.
    Receives the AIA Japan Professional Honor Award
    Receives the Top Prize of JIA Grand Prix
    Has a Keith Haring exhibition at ars Gallery in Omotesando, Tokyo
    Distributes 30,000 packages of condoms and pamphlets about HIV/AIDS prevention at night clubs in Tokyo for REAL-Living Together Club Campaign for 2008 World AIDS Day
  • Exhibits Keith Haring POPSHOP—Making a new network for art to the public
    Starts the first Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest
    Hosts MAYA MAXX’s live painting
    Starts the first AIDS Walk Kobuchizawa
    Hokuto City awards the Commendation for Good Service
    Receives the Top Prize of JIA Grand Prix
    Is featured in Print’s Regional Design Annual (USA)
    Releases an album by Toshinori Kondo, GOING PLACES… FOR KEITH, dedicating to Keith Haring
    Has a panel discussion event, Keith Haring and Japanese Culture, Prof. Christina Laffin,( inviting the Professor of the Department of Asian Studies, The University of British Columbia),with Dr. Kazuo Nakamura (Founder) and Kaoru Yanase (Senior Advisor)
  • Exhibits An Exhibit in Honor of Keith Haring, 20 Years After his Death: Kizuna (bonds)—People, Love & Peace
    Presents a special exhibition for World AIDS Day titled, Art Against AIDS—What Art can do about AIDS with CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
    Exhibits Yoshiaki Kaihatsu Pyramid—In Memory of Keith Haring, 20 Years since his Death
    Co-presents an exhibition, Regional Support for People with HIV—Keith Haring’s posters and T-shirts with Yamanashi Prefectural Central Hospital
    Receives the Japan Art Academy Prize
  • Exhibits The Cosmic—Dialogue with Keith Haring
    Starts the free admission day for Hokuto City residents
    Sets up an emergency charity, HEART Aid, selling original Keith Haring T-shirts for the Great east Japan earthquake
    Hosts a DJ collaboration event with Yard Works, Niwashi Nite
    Exhibits Junko Maruyama ZZ no Mandala
    A series of photography, Positive Lives, is gifted by Japan AIDS & Society Association
  • Has an exhibition titled, Universal Prayer—Pop, Myth and a Wonderful World
    Extends a special invitation to residents of Yamanashi Prefecture
    Exhibits LOVE POP! Keith Haring Exhibition—Art is for everybody. at Itami City Museum of Art
    Hosts an event titled, Keith Haring Diaries: A performance
    Exhibits Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring Shoes
    Starts the Curator’s Selection to celebrate the 5th anniversary
    Exhibits Curator’s Selection 003, TAKU OBATA B-BOY on Sky Court
    Exhibits Curator’s Selection 004, Shepard Fairey・Keith Haring “THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE”
    Hosts a mini concert tilted, Light and Darkness, by a marimbist, Tatsushi Omori
  • Exhibits Keith Haring and the Pop World: Retrospect
    Hanako, Princess Hitachi visits
    Exhibits Land art with Lene—Between Realities
    Cohosts the first Colorful Run AIDS WALK Kobuchizawa with a nonprofit organization, Good Aging Yells
    Exhibits Curator’s Selection 006 yang02: untitled 2
    Exhibits Curator’s Selection 007, Keith Haring and Symbolism vol.2 From the Exhibition of African Art Museum “VARIOUS・IMPRESSION・ART OF CONGO”
    Hosts World AIDS Day Keith Haring Night at Roppongi HEARTLAND in Tokyo
    Screens Saudade and hosts a talk session with Katsuya Tomita (Director) and Hiroshi Nobue (General Producer at Tokyo FM)
  • Exhibits《CHAOS TO HOPE》 Highlighting Latest Work, “Untitled Aug. 15th, 1988”
    Co-presents an exhibition, Keith Haring—Who are you! Pattern, Color, Form with University of Yamanashi, sponsored by the Program For the Promotion of Culture and Art by Utilizing University for the fiscal year 2014, The Agency for Cultural Affairs
    Presents a special event and exhibition titled, Art and Fashion: Keith Haring x Patricia Field x Hiraku with Patricia Field at ars Gallery, Omotesando
    Exhibits Curator’s Selection 008, Keith Haring Muralism: Dancing at the Wall vol. 1 KAMI・vol. 2 SASU—Chance occurrence: toward HITOTZUKI
    Exhibits Curator’s Selection 009, Takuya Yamashita “museum〆an”
    Hosts an outside music event, stillichimiya + DJ KENSEI
  • Reopens with new gallery areas and a café area
    Exhibits Keith Haring Multiplexism #KeithHaringNow Keith Haring after the 2000s
    Exhibits Keith Haring and HIV/AIDS Art & Activism and screens United in Anger: A History of ACT UP
    Exhibits Keith Haring: Prints and other works from Nakamura Keith Haring Collection at Sagawa Art Museum
    Sets up a special Sexy Safe Sex booth at the 10th anniversary party of fancyHIM, AMAZING 10TH ANNIVERSARY FANCY FESTIVAL
    Hosts an event, Hop Step Ally! In Kobuchizawa—Let’s Talk and Think About LGBT and has a special exhibition, OUT IN JAPAN
    Has s workshop with an artist, Toshiaki Tashiro, Toshiaki Tashiro Halloween Craft
  • Exhibits Keith Haring Multiplexism exhibition at The National Museum of History in Taiwan, the first overseas venue
    Exhibits Keith Haring: Growing—Evolving Forms
    Exhibits Keith Haring’s Messages through Poster Art
    Supports a musical, Radiant Baby—Life of Keith Haring
    Participates in Isentan Shinjuku’s New York Fair
    Hosts 4 days of DJ nights with 4 DJs, Music Hangout
    Has a special exhibition titled, Ideas for Coming Out Every Day for National Coming Out Day
    An artist and a husband of the 29th United States Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, Edwin Schlossberg visits
    Hosts a DJ set by dj honda and a Halloween workshop by Sakura Fantasma
    Has a pop-up shop tour with a department retailer, Marui in Yokohama and Shinjuku
    Receives the second Architectural Culture Award of Yamanashi Prefecture
    Receives the Gold American Architecture Prize in Hospitality Architecture


The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection was designed based upon the concepts of both light and darkness and chaos and hope, reflecting the turbulent state of the time Haring lived.
We hope that visitors experience Keith Haring’s vision, life, and the time he lived—let that energy sink in while looking at his artworks.

In the spring of 2015, the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection expanded and reopened to redefine the unlimited scope of the museum. The expansion includes two new gallery spaces, which will function as a venue for new generations of artists that carry the legacy of Haring’s art. The lightning-inspired exterior façade, which surrounds the outside theater, evokes the strength and power found within the forces of nature, creating a dialogue with Haring’s works, which emphasize the importance and preciousness of life.


Atsushi Kitagawara

Architect/Principal of Atsushi Kitagawara Architects Inc.

Atsushi Kitagawara was born in 1951 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, at the foot of the Japanese Alps. He has been engaged in a wide range of architectural projects, along with urban planning, landscape design, and furniture.
He is most recognized for his original and creative architectural ideas and design methods, often inspired by various art forms, such as poetry, music and contemporary arts. Revered and acclaimed for his accomplishments, Kitagawara has received many prizes and gold medals both in Japan and overseas, which including the Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 2002, the first prize in the Innovative Architecture International Award (Italy) in 2006, and the Grand-Prix in the Kenneth Brown Architecture Design Award in 2007. As a registered architect in Japan, he has also won many first prizes in competitions and has been commissioned large-scale projects, including the Fukushima Big Palette International Exhibition and Convention Centre, which was completed in 1998.


  • 2007 Yamanashi Cultural Prize of Architecture
  • 2008 Murano Togo Prize
  • 2008 AIA Japan 2008 Design Awards
  • 2009 JIA Grand Prix 2009
  • 2010 the Japan Art Academy Prize