The 12th Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest

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Co-organized by: CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Special thanks to The Keith Haring Foundation, Miss Grand Japan
Supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs (Government of Japan),Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture Board of Education, Hokuto City, Hokuto City Board of Education


The International Children’ s Drawing Contest hopes to give children from all over the world,
from ages 4 to 17, chance to expand their creativities through art to step into the future.
Officially recognized by the Keith Haring Foundation, this contest has many children
from all over the world submit their best works each year.
Works of the winners will be exhibited in our museum along with our collection of Keith Haring’ s artwork.


■ Theme of 2020: Connection

What do you imagine from the word, connection?

Is it connection between people? The internet? The past and future?

Or something else? Are those things something

you can see or cannot see?

There are so many things connected beyond time and space.

Let’ s draw your connection!


■ Judges

Atsushi Kitagawara Architects Inc., Tokyo
Patricia Field (Costume Designer/Stylist), New York Terumasa Hino (Jazz Trumpeter), Florida
The Keith Haring Foundation, New York
Kotaro Nagasaki (Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture), Yamanashi
Kazuo Nakamura (Founder of Nakamura Keith Haring Collection), Yamanashi
Kaoru Yanase (Senior Advisor of Nakamura Keith Haring Collection /Art Critic), New York Eriko Yoshii (National Director of Miss Grand Japan), Tokyo
Hiromi Yoshii (Chief Director of Kiyoharu Art colony Foundation Yoshii), Yamanashi


■ How to enter

Application period
April 20th, 2020 – September 15th, 2020
*The winners will be contacted by September 30th, 2020

Award ceremony: October 31st, 2020

Division I Ages 4-8 Division II Ages 9-12 Division III Ages 13-17

【Entry instruction】
1. Size of the art work MUST BE no larger than A4. Two-dimensional work only.
(Watercolors, oil paintings, crayons, color pencils, collages, prints etc.)

2. Please include the following information with your drawing:
A) Name and gender (English alphabet)
B) E-mail address(in capitals)
C) Address(including zip code)
D) Telephone number
E) Name of your school and grade
F) Age
G) Title of your drawing
H) Description of your drawing (Optional)

3. Drawing must be by the entrant and must not be shown or published elsewhere until the contest is over.

*All rights of entered artwork belong to the organizer.
Entered artwork will not be returned.


Click here for the Entry Form


■ Submission and inquiry

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