Shinokubo UGO Workshop


Nakamura Keith Haring Collection will hold a workshop by Shinokubo UGO on the following dates.


Date and time:October 30, 2021 (Sat)   pm12:45- pm13:45



Google Meet

We will send the URL to the participants.

Your participation must be reserved beforehand.

Reservation deadlineOctober 16, 2021 (Sat)

Estimated capacity: About 10 online participants.

We only accept reservation via email: Please contact with (1) Name of applicant (2) Number of people (3) Age.

* Reservations cannot be made by phone or SNS.


Shinokubo UGO

Shinokubo UGO is an artist-founded non-profit alternative art space and community center dedicated to the exploration and exhibition of projects that address diversity and social awareness in Japan. Located in the heart of Tokyo, Shinokubo UGO celebrates and promotes a broad range of projects and experiments in art, performance, and architecture. Started in 2020, Shinokubo UGO also organizes events with the local community to support young and emerging artists that share our vision.

Shinokubo UGO Workshop


Creative workshops have traditionally been restricted to a group of people working together in the same physical space. In this workshop, in the wake of new necessities to work with people around the world, we have organized a creative workshop that aims to bridge the physical gap between online and offline presence. By combining in-person drawing with online drawing to make a single work, we hope to explore the possibilities of new communication methods in art making.


Online participants will join using Google Meet’s “Whiteboard” feature.

◼️ Preparation and explanation

Offline participants and online participants will be put in a group together, and will share a single “canvas” that will be shared around the group.

Offline participants will use an A4 paper and online participants will use the “Whiteboard” feature.
We will explain how to use the “Whiteboard” feature.

◼️ How the workshop will be conducted

Members of UGO will share a imaginatory story and members in the group will draw on to their canvas what they imagined as they heard the story for 3 minutes.

Once done, the canvas will be passed along to the next person.

・If the next person in physically there, the A4 paper will be passed along to the next person directly.

・If the next person is joining us online,  the staff will scan the paper and send it to the “Whiteboard” app for the online participant to draw.

・When passing from online to offline, the “Whiteboard” will be printed out by staff and passed to the offline member.

・When passing between online members, the “Whiteboard” will be passed to the next person.

After repeating this process for every member of the group, the combined artwork will be completed and will represent a creative process in which everyone regardless of the location could join together and participate in this creation.

*  The “canvas” is the medium used to draw. This is their Google Meet “Whiteboard” app screen for offline participants whereas it is an A4 paper for offline participants.

Image by ©︎Sareena Sattapon