une 24th (Sat) and June 25th (Sun): “Nakamura Keith Haring Collection Queer Film Screening “

Get ready to the “Nakamura Keith Haring Collection Queer Film Screening” taking place on June 24th (Sat) and June 25th (Sun) as part of the dazzling exhibition, “Keith Haring: The Downtown Renaissance,” which coincides with the month of Pride, June! The term “queer” serves as an expansive umbrella, encompassing a rich tapestry of identities that go beyond the confines of gender and sexuality. These queer films take us on a captivating journey, exploring the depths of queer identities and communities, celebrating sexualities that defy conventional categories. Through an array of perspectives and artistic techniques, these films beautifully express alternative sexualities.
Prepare yourself for a feast of cinematic delights! The event will feature a curated selection of six films from the 1980s, showcasing youth romance, futuristic societal dramas, electrifying music, mesmerizing dance, and much more. We bring you a couple of films that will be screened for the very first time in Japan.
For in-depth details about the films on the roster, be sure to visit our official website: https://www.2023exhibitions.nakamura-haring.com.

In the spirit of inclusivity, we want as many people as possible to revel in the diverse expressions of queer cinema. That’s why we’re offering an affordable two-day pass, granting access to feature-length films screened during the Night Museum hours, all for just one coin (500 yen).
Aligned with Keith Haring’s indomitable legacy, the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection is dedicated to spreading joy and embracing queerness. In collaboration with the “Normal Screen” film series, we proudly present this groundbreaking two-day consecutive film screening event, an exploration of the very essence of “queerness” through the artistry of queer cinema.
Stay tuned for more tantalizing updates, including exclusive advance ticket offers. We eagerly await your vibrant presence and cannot wait to celebrate queerness in all its glory.