Exhibitions 2014

《CHAOS TO HOPE》”Untitled Aug.15th,1988″

March 21st,2014-January 5th,2015

Supported by:Embassy of The United States

Medical Principle Co., Ltd.


People might say, “If you‘re not interested in being a part of the system, then you shouldn’t care that you’re being ignored by the museums and the curators!” Well, I really do believe that it will all happen later― the acceptance. It’s going to happen when I’m not here to appreciate it. –Keith Haring, 1989
24 years after Keith Haring passed away at the young age of 31, the times and our values have changed, but Keith remains a constant in our lives, not just in the art world but also in fashion, music, and other media. This exhibition will use the 4 main rooms―the Slope of Darkness, the Room of Darkness, the Giant Frame and the Space of Hope―and reconsider the influence Keith continues to have on the art world. The exhibition will feature highlight of pieces collected by Kazuo Nakamura since 1987.
The innovative art space, designed by Atsushi Kitagawara,symbolizes the light and darkness. In the Slope of Darkness create the urban landscape and club culture of the 80s,and will feature artwork by young Japanese Graffiti artists aiming for a diverse interpretation on Keith. The Room of Darkness feature, for the first time in its entirety to the public, all 17 pieces of the “Blueprint Drawings” series, which Keith himself described as a narrative time capsule, recreate before his death. The Giant Frame, the center of the whole space, feature Keith’s earlier pieces, and will focus on his subway drawings and videos and the meticulous drawings that signify his beginning of exploring every possibility for bridging the gap between the art world and the street. Finally, in the Space of Hope, we will feature our highlight, Untitled Aug. 15th, 1988 The challenge brought upon by this large piece symbolizes the life and hope in Keith’s artwork.
Also this year, as a part of projects, “the Curators Selection”, Japanese graffiti writers make a mural using scaffolding wall outside of the Collection. This project will be a revival of Keith’s belief that murals were the perfect format to communicate with the public.
*The museum will reopen in 2015 after an expansion project, under the theme of “a museum beyond the confines of a museum”. Many pieces will be exhibited for the first time, and many new projects will debut during this time. Please enjoy the evolution of art, nature, and cuisine, the spirit of Kobuchizawa.

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